Love, Joy, Peace...

“An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream”

(Matthew 2.13)

When we follow God the prospect of persecution often follows us. It is under this pressure that we must make a choice. We can either choose to stumble into the darkness of self-preservation and worry, or choose to walk in the divine direction of the Father. Too often we rob ourselves of the perfect will of God by taking matters into our own hands when faced with the persecution which comes to those who serve the Lord.

We must understand that persecution is not a setback in God’s divine plan; it is a natural part of the process. God is not taken by surprise when the threat of persecution comes. He has already seen the end of the journey which He has called us to take. He has examined every possible route and knows every obstacle. When we follow God through difficult times He knows that we must walk closer to Him. The closer we walk with Him the easier it is to hear and understand His divine plan. We can know that when difficulties come on our journey of obedience the Lord will guide us every step of the way.

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